Detect Home Air Leaks in 3 Easy Steps

When your house is airtight, your furnace and air conditioner won’t have to work overtime to make up for unwanted drafts, chills, air leaks, and temperature fluctuations. Unfortunately, many homes naturally develop leaks over time, especially as they age or if the initial construction was faulty.

Here at Bormida Mechanical Services, Inc., we often hear customers ask how they can figure out if a home has air leaks. Using a few different methods, you can detect air leaks both large and small.

1. Find Large Leaks with Your Hand

Large air leaks are the easiest to spot since they make the most obvious impact on your home. In fact, you may already suspect you have an air leak if you’ve felt a draft near a certain window or noticed your curtains moving. To confirm your suspicions, simply place your hand near the seals of all external facing doors and windows. If you feel a breeze or a temperature change, you have a leak in that spot.

2. Discover Medium Leaks Using an Incense Stick

If you suspect you have a leak but the hand test didn’t yield confirmed results, you can try again with a lit stick of incense. Before starting the test, be sure to turn off your heating and cooling system in addition to any fans. Next, light the incense and hold it near the location you suspect of having a draft. If the smoke is blown inward or sucked outward, you’ve found the air leak.

3. Locate Tiny Leaks with an Air Leak Detector

Even the smallest and subtlest of air leaks can’t hide from an air leak detector. The device is purpose-built to hone in on minute thermal changes and ultrasonic frequencies caused by air leaks. Pick one up at your local hardware store.

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