Electric vs Gas Furnaces

Not all furnaces share the same design, capabilities or performance level. Depending on your home’s size and where you live, one type of heater makes more sense to install than another. The average homeowner, however, doesn’t know about all the many differences. What are the differences between an electric furnace and a gas one? Besides the obvious ones, the different sources of power, there are a few.

The Costs Associated With the Furnaces

The costs associated with gas and electric furnaces display differences. Purchasing an electric furnace could cost much cheaper than a gas one. Gas furnaces are almost double the cost and are more challenging to install. That said, the monthly fuel prices on an electric heater end up being much higher. Considering how cold some winter months are, monthly fuel bills can be enormous. So, you need to pick the right furnace for the home. Homeowners residing in the Springfield area know winters can be cold and want a reliable furnace. Bormida Mechanical Services, Inc. provides heating repair, maintenance and installation throughout the area.

The Lifespan Issue

Homeowners want to buy a furnace that lasts, but a replacement will eventually be necessary. An electric furnace may last up to 30 years while a gas one only spans 20. Electric furnaces come with easier maintenance, but gas furnaces are more efficient. Depending on your location, efficiency is what counts.

The Climate Weighs Heavily

In colder climates, a gas furnace becomes the more logical option. They generate much more heat, which becomes necessary when temperatures drop way down. In warmer regions, an electric model seems like a better match. If you don’t deal with frigid weather, why go with a powerful gas model? And electric furnaces operate in a quieter manner, so that’s another plus for them for warm-weather buyers.

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