Good Reasons to Get an AC Tune-Up

When the weather calls for hot temperatures and high levels of humidity, it is important that your home’s air conditioner is working properly. One of the ways to ensure that it functions like it should is to have an AC tune-up done at least once a year. The ideal time to schedule a tune-up is in the spring before your AC needs to be running 24/7. If possible, a tune-up in the fall is a good idea as well to do a system check for belts, bearings, and even duct or refrigeration leaks before the AC is covered and put away for the winter. Here are some benefits of getting an AC tune-up.

Make Sure Everything Is Working Properly

One of the key benefits of having an AC tune-up is that a professional can find any minor issues before they spiral out of control. In some cases, a minor issue may not be apparent until you start to use your air conditioner. In fact, the problem may not become apparent until well into the summer when it could be harder to get service in a timely manner. With a service package, repairs are usually done at a discount or free of charge.

Ask Questions About Your Current AC Unit

During a tune-up, you can ask the professionals from Bormida Mechanical Services, Inc. in Springfield any questions that you may have about the unit. It may also be possible to learn more about how to buy a service package or whether it may be time to replace your current air conditioner. At your next tune-up, it may be possible to discuss different products that are available as well as financing options.

Keep Your Cooling Bills to a Minimum

An AC unit that is working properly is going to be operating at maximum efficiency. This means that you will be able to keep your home at your preferred temperature without having to break the bank doing so. When your AC unit is working at peak efficiency, it is also easier to ensure that each room is cooled and dried evenly.

This spring, make sure that you have an AC tune-up performed by the folks at Bormida Mechanical Services, Inc.. In addition to air conditioner tune-ups, we can also install or repair heaters and conduct residential indoor air quality tests. We also offer commercial refrigeration. Contact our office today.