A Trusted Heating Company in Chatham

For a decade, Bormida Mechanical Services, Inc. has offered quality services at affordable prices to the people of Chatham. Our certified technicians can work on any make or model, and your comfort will always be our foremost goal. The team we’ve assembled will provide you with superb results.

When you depend on us, you can always expect:
  • Accurate estimates
  • Fair and reasonable pricing
  • Financing on approved credit
  • 24/7 emergency repair service

Chatham’s Furnace and Heat Pump Repair Experts

We’ve been around since 2008, and our mission has always been to provide the highest quality repairs available. Whenever something goes wrong with your equipment, we’re here to help.

Couple Keeping Warm in their HomeThere are various indications that your heating equipment may require the professional attention of a reputable heating contractor.

Call us if your system breaks down or you notice any of the following symptoms:
  • The equipment is noisy and loud.
  • You detect sparks or a burnt electrical odor.
  • Your energy bill is much higher than normal.
  • The temperature throughout your home is inconsistent.

A Chatham Heating Contractor With Installation Experience

Lennox Air Conditioner and FurnaceOur first priority in anything we do is the complete satisfaction of our customers. That’s why we only hire certified technicians to be on our team. Quality equipment, tools and personnel ensure that we can furnish every client with an excellent outcome.

Often, when heating equipment is more than 10 years old, its performance and efficiency begin to diminish. If your heating system is nearing the end of its life expectancy, it’s probably time to speak with a professional from Bormida Mechanical Services about having your furnace, heat pump or boiler replaced. The new energy-efficient models help pay for themselves.

Our Heating Company Performs Excellent Maintenance

Maintenance is not something you should neglect. Regular inspections and conscientious attention could keep your furnace or heating system running for many additional years. The routine maintenance we perform is intended to prevent more costly repairs or replacements!

With the help of Bormida Mechanical Services, Inc., your home or business will remain cozy and warm. Call us today for Chatham’s best heating services — we offer AC services too!

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