Trusted Jacksonville Furnace Tune-Ups

Turn to Bormida Mechanical Services, Inc. when you need high-quality heating maintenance in Jacksonville, IL. Our licensed technicians are highly skilled. Since we’re determined to keep you warm every winter in Morgan County, we want to be the professionals who handle your heating maintenance. We’ve been fine-tuning all makes and models of systems since 2008. What this means is that we have a high level of proficiency, and we’re on standby to tune up your damaged furnace or your unreliable heat pump. While our primary brand is Lennox, we can work with all makes and models. You can rely on our expertise for quality furnace tune-ups in Jacksonville.

Advantages our customers appreciate:
  • 100% guaranteed service
  • Community involvement
  • Fast turnarounds
  • Courteous and respectful staff

Prompt Jacksonville Heating Maintenance

Furnace Maintenance in Jacksonville, IllinoisRegardless of which type of heating unit you rely on, routine heating maintenance in Jacksonville is essential. We recommend scheduling a tune-up at least once a year. This service can save you from encountering a host of problems. The careful adjustments we make will counteract the effects of general wear and tear. When we get done with your furnace tune-up in Jacksonville, you’ll be happy because your indoor environment will be warmer and more comfortable. You may also get lower utility bills since your system will be more energy-efficient. In addition, regular tune-ups will keep your system safe.

Potential consequences of neglecting maintenance:
  • Major and frequent breakdowns
  • Greater possibility of a fire hazard
  • Wasted money on energy bills
  • Premature equipment failure

Your Licensed Jacksonville Heating Specialists

Heating Maintenance in Jacksonville, IllinoisWhen you’re attempting to maintain sufficient warmth levels at your home, you need access to a reliable technician. We’ll gladly inspect all the components in your furnace or heat pump to find out what’s affecting its overall performance. Your tune-up will also include a thorough cleaning of your system’s interior components. Our maintenance service is geared toward extending the life of your current heater.

While furnace tune-ups may frustrate other workers, we remain upbeat the entire time we are tackling a job in Jacksonville. Our customers don’t call us friendly for nothing! We pride ourselves on providing convenient appointment options and competitive rates. That’s why we won’t ruin your budget or delay your family plans when we come to provide service.

If you need a furnace tune-up in Jacksonville, contact the pros at Bormida Mechanical Services, Inc. today. In addition to excellent maintenance service, we can help you by taking care of all your heating repairs and installations, as well as high quality cooling maintenance!

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