How Do Furnaces Work?

Understanding how a furnace works depends on the type of furnace you use to heat your home. Furnaces are made of several different parts that work together to produce heat. The type of furnace you have may have a lot to do with how cold it can get in Springfield, IL during the winter months.

Different Types of Furnaces

  • Single Stage Furnace
  • Double Stage Furnace
  • Modulating Furnace

Single Stage Furnace

The single stage furnace is the simplest of furnaces it is either turned on and producing heat or it is turned off and not producing heat. This type of furnace can be noisy because it is generally running at top speed to keep your home warm. This type of furnace is fairly inexpensive because it uses simple technology.

Double Stage Furnace

The two-stage furnace like the name implies has two stages. The first stage is running at high speed, and the second stage is running at half speed. Unless it is bitter cold this type of furnace usually runs at the half speed. It is also quieter and can keep the house at the desired temperature better than a single stage.

Modulating Furnace

The modulating furnace is energy efficient because it only puts out as much heat as needed depending on the temperature outside. Therefore, if the furnace does not need to be on it doesn’t turn on. This type of furnace is more or less what you might label a “smart furnace”.

The Four Categories of Furnaces

Each of the three types of furnaces falls into one of these four categories:

  • Forced Air
  • Natural Draft
  • Forced Draft
  • Condensing

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