Why Air Filters are Important for Your Heating System

When your furnace is working properly, it can keep your home at a comfortable temperature without using too much energy. Let’s look at some of the reasons air filters help a furnace operate at peak efficiency at all times.

Air Filters Keep the Furnace Clean

Perhaps the most important reason why a furnace needs an air filter is that it can reduce the amount of dust or dirt that gets into it. Dust, dirt, and other airborne particles can coat the surface of fans, motors, and other components, which can force them to work harder. At Bormida Mechanical Services, Inc. in Springfield, we can help put in or replace an air filter as well as take other steps to maintain or repair your furnace.

Air Filters Can Minimize the Chances of Significant Damage

If a motor has to work harder than it is designed to, there is a chance that it could break. The same is true if fan blades or other components are forced to work harder. This could lead to potentially costly repairs, and secondary problems could occur if your home gets too cold because the furnace is not operating as it should.

Fires Could Occur When Furnace Fans and Blowers Work Too Hard

A clogged motor or fan blade may create extra friction as it rotates. This friction can create excess heat that may increase the risk of a fire starting in the furnace. Furthermore, the dust particles themselves can be highly combustible. Therefore, your furnace must have a fresh air filter at all times to ensure the safety of yourself and anyone else who is in the home.

If you require furnace maintenance or repair service in Springfield, give us a call today! We can also help with your AC repair and installation needs as well as do an indoor air quality assessment. We look forward to answering your questions and scheduling a visit to help you with all your heating system needs.