Why Is My Furnace Blowing Cold Air?

When cold air suddenly starts pouring from your furnace system, you’ll be looking for a fast fix. Sometimes, the problem has a simple solution that you can handle. Here are a few things to check before calling a heating expert.

Check the Filter

A dirty filter will restrict airflow in your home and could cause your heater to malfunction. If you haven’t been changing the filter regularly, you’ll want to set a reminder for yourself. Buy a stack of inexpensive filters at your local hardware store so you have them handy. Replace the filter every three months or more often in dusty climates. Keeping up with this one maintenance task can help keep the warm air circulating and your heater in good order.

Check the Pilot Light

If the pilot light is out on your heating system, then the air can’t be heated. If you continually need to relight the pilot light, it’s important to have the system inspected. It could be a sign of a worn-out part that must be replaced. For your safety, don’t let an unqualified person replace parts on your equipment. You can turn to Bormida Mechanical Services, Inc. in Springfield for assistance with a residential heating system. We’re available to help individuals and property owners with repairs and problem heaters.

Check the Thermostat

Thermostats set to the “on” position will cause a heater to blow air continually. That air may feel very cold if the house is already warm. To fix the problem, reset the thermostat to auto, and then allow the system to respond. The auto setting should provide warm air and cause the fan to blow intermittently.

At Bormida Mechanical Services, Inc., we believe in delivering reliable heating repairs and installations. We offer a 24-hour turnaround time on all repairs. Don’t go without the warmth you deserve. We can assist you with maintaining a heat pump, a high-efficiency heater and traditional furnace equipment. Our crew also services cooling systems. Call us today to schedule a service call for your home in Springfield.