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For over a decade, Bormida Heating & Cooling has been providing top-quality heating and cooling services to our valued customers in Jacksonville, Illinois and the surrounding areas.

Certified Air Conditioning Maintenance Technicians in Jacksonville IL

Bormida Heating & Cooling has been the #1 HVAC supplier for air conditioning repair, AC maintenance, and air conditioning installation in Jacksonville, Illinois for over 14 years. As elevated temperatures rise to unpleasant levels and summer heat generates an uncomfortably thick layer of humidity in the air, your house will need a reliable air conditioning system to satisfy its cooling needs. Whether your current air conditioner needs to be repaired or you’re looking to invest in a brand-new AC, contact our certified technicians to learn more about our name-brand units and receive a free estimate on any cooling service.

Air Conditioning Maintenance Jacksonville IL

When you schedule an air conditioning maintenance service with one of our technicians at Bormida Heating & Cooling, you can expect reliable inspection and prevention services on your cooling system. We will replace your clogged air filter, examine your unit for minor repairs, and ensure that all components are functioning properly in a single visit. To ensure the longevity and quality of your air conditioner, we recommend scheduling our AC maintenance services at least twice a year or when you start to notice a cooling issue.

To schedule your annual maintenance check, call our Jacksonville, IL location at (217) 210-2662 today or fill out the form on our contact page.
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Air Conditioning Repair Jacksonville IL

Is your air conditioner making a loud rattling notice when adjusting the thermostat? Are you beginning to feel humidity levels rising in your home? AC systems are designed to keep your home cool and comfortable in the summer months, but when parts begin to fail, repairs from professional HVAC technicians are needed. At Bormida Heating & Cooling, we specialize in air conditioning repair and AC restoration services for homes and businesses in Jacksonville, IL, and the surrounding towns in Central Illinois.

Don’t wait until your air conditioner has stopped working completely, give us a call at (217) 210-2662 to repair the issue as soon as possible.

Air Conditioning Installation Jacksonville IL

Are you looking to get rid of your old air conditioner? Our HVAC specialists at Bormida Heating & Cooling will assist you in selecting the most cost-effective AC system on the market to keep your property cool in the summer heat. Inefficient cooling units will prevent your home from having equal cooling capabilities, leaving certain areas feeling stuffy and uncomfortable.

Don’t let a failing air conditioner rack up your energy bills, have it replaced completely with our air conditioning installation services in Jacksonville, IL. We offer free quotes on all our AC services. Call (217) 210-2662 today.
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Commercial HVAC Jacksonville IL

As a commercial business owner, we have years of experience improving the energy efficiency of businesses throughout the Central Illinois area. With over 14 years of experience in the HVAC industry, you can rely on Bormida Heating & Cooling for dependable, affordable, and quality commercial HVAC services for your Jacksonville, IL business. We provide everything from AC repair and maintenance to air conditioning installation and inspections at a time that is most convenient for you and your customers.

Don’tt wait until your HVAC systems fail, schedule semi-annual inspection and maintenance services to keep your business running smoothly all year long. Call (217) 210-2662 tosday.

Air Quality Jacksonville IL

If you are experiencing allergy-like symptoms and have been feeling fatigued, you may not be suffering from seasonal weather, but instead poor indoor air quality. Your HVAC systems are meant to prevent contaminated air from circulating through your home or business, but when AC or furnace filters clog and the units become inefficient, the air quality in your home can begin to dwindle. If you suspect that the air quality in your home is polluted, Bormida Heating & Cooling offers reliable solutions to help.

From humidifier and dehumidifier installation to air duct cleaning services, our technicians are trained to restore the quality of your indoor air. Call us today at (217) 210-2662.
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