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Bormida Heating & Cooling Services, Inc. is proud to be the #1 choice for cooling and air conditioning services in Springfield, IL, and the surrounding area. When it comes to your residential or commercial AC unit, scheduling yearly maintenance checks from our technicians is one of the easiest ways to maintain your name-brand system year after year. With our comprehensive A/C service agreements, we’ll assess your unit for damages and repair needs to stop serious and expensive issues before they start. Don’t wait until your air conditioner stops working to call the experts, tackle any issues before they arise with our reliable AC maintenance services. Keep reading below to learn more about our benefits and services.

Air Conditioning Maintenance Services

We get it; the last thing you want to think about in the summer is when you need to clean your air conditioners filter. While your gas and electric cooling units are meant to last years without maintenance, this only lasts so long until you will have much more serious issues to take care of. When you schedule routine maintenance services from our experts at Bormida Heating & Cooling in Springfield, IL, we handle everything from air filter replacement to in-depth inspections that prevent future repairs. 

Our team recommends semi-annual inspections for all air conditioner makes and models, so give us a call today at (217) 210-2662 and we’ll give you a free estimate on our maintenance services.

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Common Issues Requiring Air Conditioning Maintenance

If you do not have a set maintenance schedule for your air conditioning system, you may notice efficiency and cooling issues start to arise. Unfortunately, many homeowners are unaware of the initial signs that come with lack of maintenance until it turns into a serious and expensive issue. Whether you have an electric or gas AC unit, these issues span across all makes and models, requiring professionals like our expert team at Bormida Heating & Cooling to provide solutions. If you notice any of these issues currently happening with your air conditioning unit, give us a call today to schedule a maintenance service at your earliest convenience:

Water Leaks

Dirty Air Filter

Thermostat Malfunctioning

Air Conditioner Making Noises

Circuit Breaker Keeps Tripping

Air Conditioner Smells Bad

Air Conditioner Fan Failure

Weak Air Flow

Water Leak (Inside & Outside)

Dirty Air Filter

Thermostat Malfunctioning

AC Making Noises

Circuit Breaker Keeps Tripping

AC Smells Bad

AC Fan Failure

Weak Air Flow

Benefits of Air Conditioning Maintenance Services

At Bormida Heating & Cooling in Springfield, IL, we provide seasonal and regularly scheduled maintenance to clean and examine the efficiency your air conditioning unit in Springfield, IL. Maintaining your AC is the easiest way to ensure the longevity of your cooling system. Not sure if your air conditioner is ready for a maintenance check? Chances are, it’s well past due! Give our staff a call today to schedule a tune-up and general inspection, but don’t forget to check out the following benefits of our maintenance services before you do:

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How Often Should I Request a Maintenance Service For My AC Unit?

This is a great question! While it may seem like whenever the thought crosses your mind is probably a good time to call our HVAC technicians, having a routine schedule once every six months is the best form of maintenance you could invest in for your AC unit. During this twice-yearly inspection, you can guarantee an air filter change, cleaning service, tune-up, and general inspection to make sure everything is running properly. If your system needs to be repaired, we will take care of it immediately to avoid further damage and overpaying on multiple service calls. So, if it’s that time of year for your air condtioner to start running again, call Bormida Heating & Cooling at (217) 210-2662 for our AC maintenance services in Springfield, IL.

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